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Deciding if Drupal 8 or Backdrop CMS is right for a site

What’s right for you? Drupal 8 or Backdrop CMS? This is a question I’ve been trying to answer for a lot of clients. And it’s a hard to answer since it really depends on the website, the organization, budget, and what stakeholders want to accomplish. And then there are the clients who are more comfortable with WordPress and want that, even without knowing whether it would even be a good fit for their website.

I hope to dive into my experiences and thinking a bit in the hope that it helps people navigate their own decisions. And provide some Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS upgrades demos. There are already many Drupal 8 demos so I’ll leave that to others.

I’m fairly agnostic about the platforms. Each of them have strengths and weaknesses; there are things I love about both. I’ve been happy to work on Drupal 8 projects for some of our larger clients. But I’ve been contributing to Backdrop CMS quite a bit so that’ll be a good part of my focus.

More to come!