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Who I’ve worked with

Freeform Solutions

I work for Freeform Solutions where’ve done work for a number of small and large clients, building Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Backdrop CMS and WordPress websites. I’ve also got a deep understanding of CiviCRM and have done a lot of work to make it work better on modern hosting containers.

I’ve worked as a Project Manager and Scrum Master at Freeform Solutions. This means I’ve managed projects, both large and small, to ensure they have realistic plans that meet the client budgets. I’ve managed expectations and ensured that if budget is the primary concern of a client that everything else is flexible, from scope to timeline.

As a Scrum Master, I’ve guided the developer team to write effective user stories and epics; and do realistic estimations (estimates are notoriously difficult). And I’ve educated product owners (aka the project manager and client stakeholders) on lowering expectations that the estimates will hold up, and to, instead, focus on an agile project management approach where we meet regularly to re-prioritize. Stories going off the rails? Work with the product owner to either delay or kill the stories. Or find ways to deliver it in stripped down approach.

Contract Work

I also do contract Drupal work for a few businesses/organizations, including: Dale & Lessmann LLP, Frontiers Foundation, Transport Futures, Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School, Agricultural Employment, and my personal websites I Bike TO and Cargo Bikes in Canada.

I’ve also previously done contract work for Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (Scarborough Addiction Services Partnership, Toronto Drug Treatment Court), and Cycle Toronto (Drupal + CiviCRM).

Some examples

Dale and Lessmann LLP

Dale & Lessmann LLP - multilingual website for a law firm built on Drupal 7.

Agriculture Employment

Agriculture Employment - a business website built on Backdrop CMS (upgraded from Drupal 7).

Older examples

Frontiers Foundation

Frontiers Foundation - a Drupal 7 website for an indigenous organization working in affordable housing.

client forms for SASP

Client forms for Scarborough Addiction Services Partnership - a data application built on Drupal 7.